Britney Disses Little Ones, Sends Mom To Yarmouth

So Britney skipped the VMAs this year. We’ll get over it. Her prerogative, yadda yadda. But what about the children? Someone please think of the children!

On Saturday, the day before the VMAs, Britney was a no-show at the annual performance by kids at Britney Spears Camp for the Performing Arts in South Yarmouth, MA. MTV News reports that campers got a visit from Britney’s mom instead…

“Britney did manage to check in via satellite, according to fan sites. This, apparently, wasn’t satisfactory to campers who said they felt like she wasn’t paying attention, since she was looking in the other direction and talking to her fiance, Kevin Federline. She later held up a sign indicating that there were technical problems preventing her from seeing them.

Despite Spears being spotted in various Southern California locations over the weekend ? visiting a video game store and going out to dinner, for instance ? she wasn’t dissing the VMAs or her performing-arts camp, her rep said. Rather, the singer had gone for a checkup on her knee injury.”

Admit it. She looks hott in that first pic.