New Gutter Twins Video – “All Misery / Flowers”

The initial push for Dulli and Lanegan’s Gutter Twins project revolved around shit-kicking love anthem (yes, there is such a thing) “Idle Hands,” with the MP3 and the Letterman performance and the so on. Now the focus shifts to the weather-beaten oddity “All Misery / Flowers,” and as that slash suggests, there are two things going on here: Greg, Mark, and some hula hoops and dancer in a dark cabaret club, and a funeral procession in New Orleans. Nobody said it had to make sense.

Somehow at some point during this video it got in our minds that Mark looked a little like Will Ferrell, thereby bringing some unintended humor and expectations of yazz flute to all that misery. Greg just looks like Greg though, that’s grit enough.

Saturnalia is out now via Sub Pop.