New Fuck Buttons Video – “Surf Solar”

On the forthcoming Tarot Sport UK BTW Fuck Buttons have axed Street Horrrsing’s awesome Wolf Eyes/black metal-inflected yowls in favor of denser vocal-free compositions. It’s a very good record, for sure, but it’s also a more polite record. Still, when Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power open it up, as they do on the gorgeously meditative closer “Flight Of The Feathered Serpent,” the downcast and shimmering “Olympians,” or the uncut version of “Surf Solar,” it’s hard to nitpick. You get the truncated take of the lead track in this Hung-directed clip featuring a bunch of spastic penguins who quickly transform into a colorful kaleidoscope.

(Via P4K)

Tarot Sport is out 10/20 via ATP.

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