New Alec Ounsworth – “Holy, Holy, Holy Moses (Song For New Orleans)” (Stereogum Premiere)

This new song adds to a growing mass of music circulating the Internet this year from Clap Your Hands mastermind Alec Ounsworth. First there was CYHSY’s song premiere on Fallon, then the great “Skin And Bones” from the record he just released under his Flashy Python moniker (which is still streaming in full). “Holy, Holy, Holy Moses” comes from Alec’s third active project of ’09, credited simply to Alec Ounsworth though incorporating many more, namely a backing band of New Orleans heavies featuring George Porter, Jr. on bass, Stanton Moore on drums, Robert Walter on keys, and Matt Sutton on baritone and pedal-steel guitars. We already dropped a bunch of details, but this is the first listen from the forthcoming Anti- release. Ounsworth says, “New Orleans informed the spirit of the record, as it should. It’s not a New Orleans record, though, because, besides ‘Holy, Holy, Holy Moses,’ most of the songs weren’t written specifically for New Orleans.” Even then, don’t expect “Holy” to recall your lost weekend in the Big Easy; this is a somber spiritual born of pianos, keyboards, and guitars, Alec kneeling, pleading, and praying his way through a wash of post-Katrina imagery. It’s haunted though not without notes of hopefulness, and so very much a song for New Orleans.

Alec Ounsworth – “Holy, Holy, Holy Moses (Song For New Orleans)” (MP3)
Alec Ounsworth – “That Is Not My Home (After Bruegel)” (MP3)

Mo Beauty is out 10/20 via Anti-.

[Photo by Amrit Singh from ACL 2007]