South Park Pays Homage To Heavy Metal

No, not the entire musical genre — we’re talking about the Canadian animated film inspired by the “adult fantasy” magazine of the same name. (Jog your memory with the NSFW original trailer.) Any John Candy, Eugene Levy, or Harold Ramis fans out there? If you recall, Sammy Hagar wrote the title track — it appeared in last night’s episodes, along with a couple other tunes from the movie. As wee children, we remember thinking the flick was really racy — skimpy leather, out-sized breasts, violence, out-sized breasts. Never saw the sequel Heavy Metal 2000, so we might have missed a few of South Park’s references, but then, the official description says it’s a “homage to the 1981 film” and that “the boys are trying to get Kenny off the latest drug craze that’s captured the junior high and under set.” You can watch it in it’s entirety at the SP site. (Fittingly, it’s titled “Major Boobage.”) Also, there’s a David Fincher-directed Heavy Metal animated film in the works. We’d call a third feature excessive, but this is Heavy Metal.

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