A Short Film On Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

Yes, this is a music project that is called Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. You’re free to introduce the electronic/beat production wunderkind to people as T-E-E-D, though at some point you’ll also need to add that Mr. Dinosaurs dresses like a stegosaurus at shows that adulterate dance styles in a mesh of house-drum-bass-dub-bro-post-whatever-step that aims, indiscriminately, at club kids of all ilk. This is obviously not a project for purists. But hearing Orlando, the man/child behind the project, talk about his intent and approach to aesthetics in this Channel 4 produced, 11-minute doc is refreshing. The Oxford music professor’s son hopes his unorthodox mix of electro styles, coming from a studied hand and with disarmingly silly external signifiers, will work toward warding off the microgenre pretension that keeps less studious folks from entering the realm of studied dance music. After Iceland Airwaves I’d joked that Extinct Dinosaurs was basically Hot Chip x Deadmau5, which now seems less of a joke than a fair formula.

This 4play short joins T-E-E-D on the way to Germany’s Melt festival, wherein Orlando talks about the gimmick, aesthetics, his music, and background, and shoots a confetti gun. See if you like:

T-E-E-D is part of Damon Albarn’s Congo project, and will have an album out next year. Here’s the finest of his primary jams, “Garden”:

And another, “Household Goods”:

Lastly, a remix of “Garden” by Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard, who released the first T-E-E-D stuff on his Greco-Roman label: