Elvis Costello Finally Visits Sesame Street

Elvis Costello’s first major U.S. TV appearance was on a December 1977 episode of Saturday Night Live — a gig he got because the Sex Pistols, originally booked for the show, didn’t want anything to do with New York. Costello’s single at the time was “Radio Radio,” a song that was (weirdly enough) controversial in its day, and the show’s producers supposedly didn’t want him to play it. But in a thrilling TV moment, he played it anyway when the cameras started rolling. The video below is pretty much the opposite of all of that.

On a recent Sesame Street episode, Costello showed up to sing a parody of “(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes” called “Monster Went And Ate My Red 2.” It’s about how the Cookie Monster’s eating habits make it more difficult for Costello to count, and it’s kind of a stretch. Elmo wears an approximation of Costello’s trademark look and looks about as slick as Elmo can possibly look. Watch it below.

Elvis Costello’s taste in ties has gone radically downhill since 1977.