New Billionaires Video – “Eighties Movies”

The Billionaires story in a nutshell, from what we can tell: band of middle-class kids from Martha’s Vineyard move to Los Angeles to: play music (all); try out acting (one Laura Jordan); remain upbeat children of the ’80s and the films of its era (all). The clip for “Eighties Movies” is a home-video sort of affair — production values on par with the movies they reference, etc. — and that’s why it works. The nostalgic references are in there, of course, dropping some Weird Science in bits, hanging around what seem to be some Footloose tractors, etc. Mostly it’s a supplemental aid to drive home the groups sunny, multi-voiced indie pop, which benefits from repeat spins and maybe a passing knowledge of John Hughes.

Since you’ll probably ask, here’s Laura’s demo reel. Or, here’s all audio, no visual:

The Billionaires – “Eighties Movies” (MP3)

Really Real For Ever is out on 4/1 via Too Soon.