New Fleetwood Mac And Lindsey Buckingham Tunes In The Works, With Or Without Sheryl Crow

The other day Sheryl Crow cleared the air on these Fleetwood Mac rumors, announcing she and the band “definitely have plans to collaborate.” Which is pretty awesome for her, except that Fleetwood Mac don’t seem sure they want her. Lindsey Buckingham told Billboard:

“I don’t think anything is written in stone yet. I think we were all a little surprised (Crow) was announcing that to the world with such certainty,” Buckingham says with a laugh. “We have talked about the possibility of bringing another woman into the scene to kind of give Stevie a sort of foil and shake it up a little bit. (Crow) was certainly a name that has come up. We’ll have to see.”

Sorry Sheryl; we know your friends with Stevie, but she’s capable of sweet little lies. Nothing chases a good public setback like a beer buzz early in the morning, so while you’re working that out, the rest of us can at least bank on new records from the Mac and from Lindsey solo.

Not much to report on the Fleetwood LP front, aside from Buckingham telling Billboard he has “tons of new stuff” and doesn’t want to produce this time. Meanwhile Lindsey will be shopping for a new label with this next solo LP (his time is up with Reprise) which features his touring band, Mick, and John McVie, and promises more of a “rock feel” than the Stereogum-approved Under The Skin. Once that’s done expect more tour dates. (There’s a new live DVD which will help you understand why this is a good thing.)