New Be Your Own Pet Video – “Food Fight!”

Being an American school kid can suck, but at least rock ‘n’ roll will always understand. The educational system’s trappings have inspired great art like “School’s Out,” “Hot For Teacher,” and on. But the food fight, this is a relatively untapped phenomenon. Is BYOP’s cut up to the aforementioned classics’ standards? Time will tell. And by that we mean it’s only 1:20 in duration so probably not (unless you want you don’t mind your movie montage set to looped audio.) But as for band constitution — punk-loving, young, snotty and fun, ready to throw attitude if you’re a bit too touchy — Be Your Own Pet bring the perfect blend of youthful innocence and punk violence. If there’s a band set to pen a food fighting anthem, it’s Jemina and the guys. Now that may not be music to Interscope’s ears (the irony of a song with a pugilistic title coming on the heels of Interscope’s fear-of-violence track omission is pretty perfect), but it definitely works for ours.

Get Awkward is out via Ecstatic Peace/Universal.