New No Age – “Eraser”

Last night during Port O’Brien show at Pianos, the lead singer stopped mid-set to compliment Amrit on his No Age shirt. Yes, these dudes are huge. But also, it’s a great shirt. (Ask Colin.) So Dean and Randy find themselves with a much anticipated album on their hands, and here are the first sounds from the studio. When we posted video footage of No Age performing new tune “Eraser” at our SXSW party, we mentioned the gliding feedback loop was more pronounced live than on the janglier version from Nouns, their forthcoming Sub Pop debut. Well, hell, now you can see if we were talking shit, because the recorded take’s streaming at their MySpace! As previously noted, SP’s putting out an “Eraser” 7″ in April that’ll include three b-side covers: Nate Denver’s “Don’t Stand Still,” the Urinals’ “Male Masturbation” and the Nerves’ “When You Find Out.”

Nouns is out 5/6 on Sub Pop.

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