Gummy Awards

The 2011 Gummy Awards: Vote Now!

Year-end list season is upon us! Historically this is a really fun and peaceable time of year where all your favorite media outlets make lists of all their favorite things and NAIL IT so hard that nobody feels dissatisfied or argues about anything. And yet, we are bringing back our fully realized version of the GUMMY AWARDS, so you can participate in a meaningful democratic process and take some personal responsibility for what albums, videos, new acts, and indie pin-ups are memorialized as the year’s very best and consequently torn asunder for comment-thread posterity. (This year we’ve also added a long-overdue box for Best Song, too.) In addition to those musical categories, we have space for your choices of Best Movie, TV Show, and Viral Video, compliments of our fam at

You vote, we tally and present the results. To sweeten the experience, one randomly selected entrant is going to win a whole bunch of goodies for casting their vote: We’re giving away each of the Top 50 Albums on CD as voted by you, as well as a $100 gift card to AMC Theaters, so you can watch and listen your way into the near year. Not bad.

Cast your vote below. Categories marked with asterisks — i.e., Best Album, and Your Info (so we can contact you if you win) — are required. We’re closely monitoring fraudulent ballots and box stuffing, dear street teamers. You have until 12/6 at 12PM EST to get your votes in. HERE WE GO: