New Dosh – “If You Want To, You Have To”

Very good to hear new stuff’s coming from Martin Dosh (better known as, um, Dosh, squares), the multi-instrumental madman we freak for every time we see Andrew Bird, and every time he puts out a record. 2006’s The Lost Take was one of those “for any occasion” sort of albums — sleep to it, work out to it, fuck to it — so hopes are high on the forthcoming fourth one which, if the press release is to believed (aren’t they always?), offers some sort of stylistic rebirth. Guess we should consider “If You Want To, You Have To” a bridge track, then, because this first listen from Wolves and Wishes isn’t far from the layers of laptops/piano/impassioned percussion and tonal loops that made The Lost Take such a standout. So, yeah — new Dosh is good Dosh.

Dosh – “If You Want To, You Have To” (MP3)

And a sample of why Martin’s a Rhodes scholar, from The Lost Take:

Dosh – “Um, Circles And Squares” (MP3)

The guest list is a little more regal this time, adding Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy to the expected turn from Andrew Bird. Also, it should be interesting to hear what Bad Plus drummer David King does on the record; that’s a clash of the Zildjians that should be worth a listen.

Wolves and Wishes is out 5/13 on Anticon. There will be tour dates, but for now there is tracklist:

01 “Don’t Wait for the Needle to Drop”
02 “Bury The Ghost”
03 “If You Want To, You Have To”
04 “First Impossible”
05 “Kit and Pearle”
06 “Wolves”
07 “Food Cycles”
08 “Keep Up Appearance”
09 “The Magic Stick”
10 “Capture The Flag”

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