Arctic Monkeys – “Evil Twin” Video

A few weeks ago, we posted footage of Arctic Monkeys playing “Evil Twin,” the B-side to their “Suck It And See” single, live. That track now has a video, and it essentially works as a sequel to the “Suck It And See” video — only appropriate, really, considering the B-side status of “Evil Twin.” Like its predecessor, the “Evil Twin” video features Monkeys drummer Matt Helders and his ladyfriend cavorting with motorcycles and weapons, and it offers a vision of British people’s skewed idea of what America looks like. And like that video, it also has boobs in it, though they’re blurcled out this time. Focus Creeps once again direct. Watch it below.

(via Some Kind Of Awesome)

The “Suck It And See” single is out 10/31 on Domino.