Islands A Sleep & A Forgetting Details

Now that he’s returned from a sojourn with side project Mister Heavenly, Nick Thorburn came home and rattled out a new Islands record. The title, A Sleep & A Forgetting is either a Wordsworth reference (bonus points) or an Orson Scott Card reference (DOUBLE bonus points). THORBURN TO THREAD! Check out the track listing below. It’s out 2/14.

01 “In A Dream It Seemed Real”
02 “This Is Not A Song”
03 “Never Go Solo”
04 “No Crying”
05 “Hallways”
06 “Can’t Feel My Face”
07 “Lonely Love”
08 “Oh Maria”
09 “Cold Again”
10 “Don’t I Love You”
11 “Same Thing”

A Sleep & A Forgetting is out 2/14 on Anti-. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tomorrow night Islands and surprise guests play NYC’s Dominion Theater and Lounge, a venue that has just recently opened to the public after 34 years. Tickets are available here.