múm – “Illuminated”

Longstanding Icelandic collective múm are releasing album five Sing Along To Songs You Don’t Know 9/22 via their Euphono label. At its core the group consists of founding members Gunnar Örn Tynes and Örvar Þóreyjarson Smárason, but for touring and recording their numbers expand by five or sometimes more. You can hear a choir of ice angels on the delicate, airy “Illuminated.” We asked Örvar to illuminate us.

What’s the story behind “Illuminated”?
Originally the lyrics were about Boney M going back on the road, but it morphed into a bike ride I did at night once, in the snow. It was very dark, but I drove past a small but intensely bright greenhouse, like a lighthouse in the snowstorm. If you melt snow, you can drink it like water. You may drink it like wine.

How does a person become illuminated?
By waiting patiently for an epiphany, as strange or unreal this revelation may be, it can come in any form or shape. Or by eating a lightbulb and/or a candle.

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