St. Vincent – “Year Of The Tiger” Live Video

Enduring roster champion 4AD has done well to create a strong brand with high production standards out of their in-house live video series. In a world of meaningless promotional content, these 4AD Sessions are generally considered, visually unique, stylish affairs. Today the Sessions meet their match in St. Vincent, who is herself all of those things in addition to wielding the accomplished LP Strange Mercy and, here, its swagger-fueled/grooved-out closer, “Year Of The Tiger.” I’m making a rough count of this being a five-camera shoot which is $$$ not including the band’s debonair hair/wardrobe budget (or donations). It’s good to be (playing for) St. Vincent.

St. Ylish.

UPDATE: Here’s the entire session:

Track list:
01 “Chloe In The Afternoon”
02 “Surgeon
03 “Strange Mercy”
04 “Year Of The Tiger”

Strange Mercy is out via 4AD.

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