Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Shut Up, Dude

Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Shut Up, Dude

HAPPY HALLOWEEKEND. We are here! Time to put on your best sexy Oneohtrix Point Never costume and storm your city’s centers for relaxation. If you’re partying at home, we made this mix of recently released, ghoulish tracks for you. Or you could really freak everyone the fuck out and just loop Lulu forever, RIGHT GUYS? (Ding dong.) The week is over, and it was pretty good! We gave shine to some new bands via our CMJ Class Superlatives, and renewed old affections with exceptional new tunes from Mazzy Star and Guided By Voices. Garbage said some stuff. So did Lana Del Rey. Titus Andronicus said goodbye to Amy Klein, we said hello to Oxford, MS, and Frances Bean is getting married. So.

You guys had a lot to say about all of that. Jump this way for this week’s highest and lowest rated comments, and your Editors’ Choices.



Rob Casper | Oct 23rd Score:8

fail for saying fail

Posted in: Lou Reed & Metallica Lulu Comment Party
#9  Michael_ | Oct 21st Score:8

Works for me. Thanks!

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#8  djfreshie | Oct 21st Score:8

I would like to point out, (in a friendly manner!) about that time your alter-ego self-promoted for me, and the result was my highest website traffic in weeks.

To be honest, I’m not even that against self-promoting your band in a post. Especially when it’s relevant and you’re at least a little humble and self-aware about it (“hey, so sorry to do this, but we sort of sound like these guys,, maybe check out our bandcamp if you’re interested…”) its not a great way to promote but fine.

And promoting your blog when it’s solicited or when it’s at least semi-appropriate, like you’re having a dialogue with someone (and again, self-awareness is key)

But when you self-promote your band or blog where there is no relevance, and you offer no context, and it is unsolicited, that is the definition of spam. Honestly I have to say, I completely support banning those commenters. That Barry Gregory dude only spams your site, I don’t even know why he got past the 2nd try.

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#7  djfreshie | Oct 26th Score:9

Scott, you guys should do a story on that Willie Nelson Chipotle commercial, I think it’s a Coldplay cover.

Posted in: Download The 10 Best Coldplay Covers

Nick DiLalla | Oct 26th Score:9

I think Odenkirk stopped by the Tim and Eric offices and borrowed one of their “actors” for a few hours

Posted in: The Black Keys – “Lonely Boy”

Stephen Hall | Oct 26th Score:9

This guy dances the way I imagine I look when I dance.

Posted in: The Black Keys – “Lonely Boy”
#4  Just Désserts | Oct 24th Score:9

God, please never let rappers stop sampling Ric Flair promos. Dude could cut like nobody else.

Posted in: Pusha T – “What Dreams Are Made Of”
#3  godsdog | Oct 21st Score:11

To be fair, I find straight faggotry much more malicious than gay faggotry.

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#1  guttix | Oct 25th Score:18

“She has to figure out how to carry herself like a star if she’s actually going to be one.”

Um, no she doesn’t. The fact that she’s nervous actually makes me like her more.

Posted in: Lana Del Rey Speaks!



Chris Martin | Oct 26th Score:-7

I dislike every cover here except the Willie Nelson “The Scientist”.

Try David Rameriez “Viva La Vida”

Posted in: Download The 10 Best Coldplay Covers
#4  zweibel | Oct 25th Score:-7

No it goddamn wouldn’t. Alien Lanes is perfect. This is dogshit.

Posted in: Guided By Voices – “The Unsinkable Fats Domino”
#3  mas06e | Oct 26th Score:-9

Really surprised that the new black keys song sounds like every other black keys song

Posted in: The Black Keys – “Lonely Boy”
#2  Brandoch Daha | Oct 24th Score:-9

She looks pretty good for a tranny approaching retirement.

Posted in: Progress Report: Garbage

Michael Galbe | Oct 26th Score:-11

You forget to list the very recent cover of Wilie Nelson doing The Scientist for a commercial for Chipotle:

Posted in: Download The 10 Best Coldplay Covers



Ben Cornell | Oct 26th Score:0

i’d wager 100 bucks on CT against literally any one of the 10,000 or so occupy protestors nationwide. unless it’s a puzzle elimination.

that’s right, i watch that bullshit.

Posted in: Rock Stars Occupy Wall Street: A Photo Diary


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