New Ladytron – “Black Cat”

“Black Cat,” a heavy, buzzing, sinister bit of darkness layered with airy goth synthesizers, may very well be the best thing we’ve ever heard from Ladytron. Or, at least the most compelling Ladytron song to cross our path in a long while. It’s the lead track from their forthcoming fourth album Velocifero — the percussiveness and distorted chill make us feel like they’ve been listening a little to Liars and the Knife (but more the Knife). Adding an element of mystery to the after-hours discothèque, the layered, less-pristine-than-usual vocals are sung in Mira’s Bulgarian. The above photo of the quartet languishing on the floor with candelabra is almost perfect — like, shouldn’t they dancing?

Ladytron – “Black Cat” (MP3)

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Velocifero is out 6/3 via Nettwerk.

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