Liars Keep On Tickin’ With Timex

Liars fans take note: On Monday we unleash Enjoyed — our tribute to Björk’s Post — and Angus & Co.’s take on album opener “Army Of Me” will bury you. Liars fans also take note: Along with liking Björk, the band likes accurately telling time. We recently offered up Esquire’s list of the top ten car commercials for sacrifice. And we’re not sure if anyone could come up with a list of rock ‘n’ roll watch commercials, but anyone out there feel the calling, you should likely toss this new Timex ad somewhere into the mix. While it maybe sorta nerdy to “control your iPod on your watch,” it is helpful (we guess). What makes the whole thing a tad less geeky is that the folks at Timex scored the clip with a 30-second dash with “Clear Island.” How appropriately buoyant of you, Timex.

We don’t break stride either! They could’ve gotten a very different feel with the Tiny Masters Of Today’s “Clear Island” remix, but maybe those kids aren’t old enough to tell time. We kid, kids.

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