3. High Places – “Modern Things”

High Places On “Modern Things”
“Covering Björk is on par with covering other personal faves such as Morrisey, or Joni Mitchell, i.e., somebody who has become iconic/cult-status to their fans, and who also has such a distinguishable voice. Add to that, a large portion of ‘The Modern Things’ is sung in Icelandic. We went into it with the idea of somehow making it seem like us (although we experimented with being a little more stripped down, not so noisy/dense as our usual selves), as opposed to trying to do a very accurate rendition of the original.”
- High Places

“When I was eighteen and living in the dorms at college, my boyfriend would pick me up in his Honda Civic with massive sub-woofers in the trunk, blasting Post. For the longest time, I couldn’t listen to the album without feelings of nostalgia for my early college years. But after visiting Iceland last spring and viewing the desolate, wild interior of that country, I now picture the mountain and dinosaurs of ‘The Modern Things’ living alongside beautiful seabirds and sheep and elves.”
- Mary Pearson

“I have a Björk dorm memory as well. The first night in the dorms, I made out with someone who felt the first Agnostic Front LP would fit the mood. It didn’t go anywhere, but we started a band. A couple weeks later, I made out with someone else who put on Post; definitely a much better soundtrack to a first kiss. That turned into an undergraduate-length relationship. Ever since then, the record’s stuck with me. However, Victim In Pain is a pretty good record, too.”
- Rob Barber

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