8. Final Fantasy & Ed Droste – “Possibly Maybe”

Final Fantasy & Ed Droste On “Possibly Maybe”
“I realized recently that Björk is probably my most listened to and adored artist thus far in my life. It occurred to me as I was looking back at music I’d listen to in high school and noticing that the large majority of it, even though I respect and love it, I at some point or another OD’d on … yet to this day I still listen to all of Björk’s albums fairly religiously and it was then that I concluded that no other artist in my life has had the longevity that she has had in my listening habits. Covering Björk is a scary task because as both Owen and I discussed, so much of what makes her music amazing is distinctly her voice, and nobody, nowhere can ever really recreate it … So attempting to was a challenge to say the least.

Ultimately I wanted to give it a shot given my life long love of her music, and to boot it was an excuse to fly up to Toronto for a week and visit Owen. Once there we put together some string arrangements and had a string quartet record them in a lovely church I once played at that goes under the venue name of ‘the music gallery.’ Owen also had a friend that played the oboe, so we decided to enlist his help as well to create a more orchestral interpretation of the song. Owen’s other half of Final Fantasy, Leon graciously recorded the song in his new studio he built in his garage in Toronto. Granted the tempo, vocal melody and structure are largely still in tact and as they originally were, we just realized that changing it felt wrong. ‘Possibly Maybe’ was so perfect as it was, to butcher the up and down melodic tics would be sacrilegious. So for all intensive purposes this was a fun exercise for Owen and I and is very much a cover vs. a reinterpretation. Hopefully some people will enjoy it for what it is, because we certainly enjoyed making it.”
- Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear [Photo via out.com]

NOTE: Owen adds that Debut was the first CD he ever bought.