New Kanye West (Feat. Chris Martin) Video – “Homecoming”

As far as rivalries go, Kanye and Jay-Z’s possessiveness over Chris Martin (cite as always “Big Brother”‘s “Told Jay I did a song with Coldplay, next thing I know he’s got a song with Coldplay / Back in my mind I’m like damn, no way / Translate Españoll: No way José”) has gotta be the least expected turn of recent years. Back when we evaluated Graduation, we laid it out: “Forget Beyoncé. Chris Martin is the new hip hop trophy.”

Coldplay envy aside, “Homecoming” is a decent tune, with a love-letter lyric scheme mirroring Common’s classic “I Used To Love H.E.R.” (a full on love song to a “her,” Common ending with “‘Cause who I’m talking about y’all is hip hop”). Well if you don’t know by now, Kanye’s talking ’bout Chi-town, and the bouncy, piano-based cut gets visuals set in, well, you get it. We saw some stills thanks to the ‘Ye blog, and now thanks to reader Tristan we’ve got the whole deal for ya. Lo-ee-oh-ee-oh.

Graduation is out via Island Def Jam.