New Panther – “Love Is Sold”

Portland’s Panther seems to be a project destined to constantly evolve. Just two years ago referring to Panther was the same as referring to Charlie Salas-Humara, advertised as a “one man sonic wrecking crew” and was pretty much just that, all pointed and punchy, lewd and lo-fi with his electro dance concoctions. Last year Panther became a duo with Joe Kelley on drums, delivering songs that were at times like !!!-via-Portland, at others like James Brown after a few spoonfuls of cough syrup. This year Panther release Entropy. The lineup is staying constant, but on the back of lead track “Love Is Sold,” the evolution is in the sound. Namely, this is one Panther song that isn’t really interested in the dance. Instead Charlie and Joe are keying in on some sort of piano-driven late ’60s/early ’70s-era Bay Area psychedelic vibe, right down to the snakey, modal solos. They’re a two-man sonic tripping crew, maybe.

Panther – “Love Is Sold” (MP3)

Entropy is out 9/29 via Kill Rock Stars. They’re pressing a one-time run of 500 LPs, otherwise it’s all digital. Pre-order it here.

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