Cassettes Won’t Listen – “Catch Up”

Cassettes Won’t Listen is New Yorker Jason Drake, a one-man electro pop outfit and, interestingly, the Director Of Marketing at Definitive Jux. A couple of weeks ago he self-released his first physical album Small-Time Machine. “Catch Up” isn’t on it, but you can hear the song here, as part of this week’s ‘Gum Drop. We asked Jason for the storyline. He responded with an in-depth crib sheet:

“Catch Up” is a song about the process of starting a relationship with someone and realizing that it wasn’t something worth putting energy into. The first part explains what you typically see when you go out on a Saturday night in New York City. It starts off with a gun showdown at a bar, winner gets the quiet woman in the corner. I sort of took it to the extreme with a gun reference but anyone hanging out at a bar on the weekend knows how much competition is in the air. Some people are naturals at the game and others have to break down certain walls they put up in order to have a chance.

The chorus is introduced after knocking “down that wall.” It’s a glimpse into what it would be like to actually have a serious relationship with most of the people you meet while out on the town. It’s about not sharing that connection you thought you had. The woman in the song becomes controlling and no longer the quiet woman you were willing to draw your gun for. You come to your senses and realize that this person is someone you couldn’t really see yourself with.

Everything continues to fall apart and they both never really see eye to eye. The first verse and chorus are repeated one more time at the end. The process of going out and competing to find someone new is repeated over and over until you get it right …

I wrote “Catch Up” during a time that I was hanging out at a certain bar in the Lower East Side a bit too much. It’s amazing what you can learn about people by watching how they interact while getting completely shit faced.