Seventeen Evergreen – “Polarity Song” Video

San Francisco duo Caleb Pate and Nephi Evans are perhaps known to you as Seventeen Evergreen, if you remember the stunning pair of videos they turned out back in 2007. A lot’s changed these past years, though SE’s commitment to visual aesthetics and ace directors remain. Before it was Encyclopedia Pictura (who, by the way, feel like they flamed out after graduating to Björk status, though they do have this trippy thing up on their site still), and now it is Terry Timely, who mans the vid for “Polarity Song,” from a new EP Seventeen’s releasing via Lucky Numbers. The band pitched it over with the tagline: “woollen terrorist warfare amidst everyday thrift shop mundanity.” This is accurate, and a recipe for capital Q Quirk. It’s a concept they hatched in collaboration with director Timely. The colors in conjunction with the main lyric (“Embrace the polarity of life and the good and bad we share”) and the fact that there’s a a rotary phone knitted in fabric means your pre-schooler will also love the shit out of this, so get them the fuck over here.

Psyentist EP is out 12/16 via Lucky Number, where you can pre-order it. It’ll be followed by a full-length titled Steady On, Scientist in February 2012, if the world still exists.