Wrestling With Snoop Dogg, Andy Warhol, And The ’80s

Time for Stereogum’s daily professional wrestling roundup. Yes, we’re all sad 50 Cent bailed on his scheduled appearance at Wrestlemania, sport fans. But at least Snoop is representing in the ring, throwing punches and making a stadium full of adrenaline freaks uncomfortable with his french kissing technique.

Really, thanks for that, Nah Right. That hit the spot, and somehow wasn’t shocking at all. It’s not that we don’t recognize the absurdity of the Dogg climbing between the ropes and making some female wrestlers his bitches, it’s just that a) this would have been a lot more striking a decade ago, before Snoop hadn’t met a publicity op he didn’t like to get high to; and b) the following clip of the Hulk, Mr. T, and Andy Warhol sweating on each other backstage reminds us all that brandishing random celebrities is a time-honored wresting tradition.

WWF? More like WTF, amirite? High fives all around. But seriously folks, Mr. T is a gentleman. Captain Lou’s steadfast love and alliance with Cyndi Lauper is as enduring as the rubberbands dangling from his ruddy, pierced cheeks. Mean Gene Oakerland’s signature red bowtie is as as dignified as ever. The amount of amphetamines coursing through that room’s collective bloodstream would kill a small whale. And these are just a few of the many reasons we miss the ’80s.