New Dutchess And The Duke – “Hands”

Jesse Lortz and Kimberly Morrison return this fall with Sunset / Sunrise, a sophomore collection of baroque “campfire punk” (their term) for Hardly Art. “Hands” is the LP’s slow-burning lead track and a smartly timed promo MP3 given last week’s appearance of the duo’s Kinks-y “Reservoir Park” in Entourage’s end credits. (Entourage not being dumb and predictable for a change!) Enjoy both tunes while you stare at the Seattle nobility’s appropriately retro album cover.

The Dutchess And The Duke – “Hands” (MP3)
The Dutchess And The Duke – “Reservoir Park” (MP3)

Sunset / Sunrise is out 10/6 via Hardly Art.

UPDATE: Also from the new LP:

The Dutchess And The Duke – “Living This Life” (MP3)