Björk – “Thunderbolt” Video

Before we proceed, please be clear that this is no Michel Gondry studio affair but rather a sheerly live video. But given how few have actually had a chance to see the wondrous, science- and bio-philic new stage show Björk’s boasting, a live video seems only fair. B played Harpa when I was at Iceland Airwaves a few weeks ago; based on the position of the Tesla coil (which rattles in a cage with both perfectly pitch and percussive electricity) and the set up of her 24-member, pretty, gold-and-blue outfitted female youth choir (who are the same in person, just not in formation), I can certify this was filmed in Manchester and not Reykjavik. (Also a giveaway: When she says “Thanks” instead of “Takk.”) You hear David Attenborough’s pre-recorded narration introduce it, you see the lady of honor wearing a very understated ginger afro, and you marvel at how much Björk sounds like Björk when you watch the video at BoingBoing.

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