Porcelain Raft – “Put Me To Sleep”

Porcelain Raft, the London-via-Rome man born Mauro Remiddi, goes on tour opening from M83 throughout Europe from January to March. This is not bad for a one-man dream-pop machine whose star fixed its position just during CMJ 2010 (he was “>one of my favorites) but as his press notes are quick to point out, Mauro’s been doing music in various guises all over the world for something like 27 years, or “three musical lifetimes.” So Porcelain Raft is the project that’s clicked, at least in this stratosphere, with guitar and simple backbeat pop that wafts ebbs and shimmers in proper proportion to his chosen stage name. This CMJ you could find him checking out Purity Ring, or other such contenders in the stripped and electronically enhanced pop game, making notes for what he promises will be a more robust live experience in the coming months. (Good timing; robust is what you need leading into M83.)

Secretly Canadian snapped up Porcelain Raft for his forthcoming LP, titled Strange Weekend. Its 10 tracks come in January 2012, and you can start with the rousing, Brit-pop smeared soothe song of “Put Me To Sleep.” The production boasts some thoughtful filigree and movement, so headphones up on this one. It’s great.

Put Me To Sleep by Porcelain Raft

Download it at Porcelain Raft’s Facebook in exchange for a “Like.” Strange Weekend is out 1/24 via Secretly Canadian. Get caught up before it comes.

01 “Drifting In And Out”
02 “Shapeless & Gone”
03 “Is It Too Deep For You?”
04 “Put Me To Sleep”
05 “Backwords”
06 “Unless You Speak From Your Heart”
07 “The End Of Silence”
08 “If You Have A Wish”
09 “Picture”
10 “The Way In”