Blur Record Another New Song

Ever since Britpop greats Blur first got back together, they’ve been engaging in a long and often-frustrating dance with the press, dipping and dodging and teasing questions about whether the reunion will keep going and whether they’ll give us another album. Since that reunion, they’ve released a grand total of one new song: “Fool’s Day.” But now Damon Albarn is saying that they’ve recorded another track; they just have no plans to release it.

Talking to NME, Albarn says that the band’s members have been hanging out regularly and that they recently recorded a spoken-word track with British poet Michael Horovitz. The group made the song in response to the news that the Notting Hill Carnival, London’s annual gigantic multi-culti throwdown, might be canceled. But when the Carnival went on as planned, the band decided not to release the song after all.

Here’s Albarn: “If they’d have cancelled the carnival — and thank God they didn’t — maybe we’d have put it out. It had its moment. It was a perfect plea to reinstate the carnival. So it wasn’t relevant; it was relevant for about 12 hours.”

So yes, they’re still playing around with our feelings.