Hear A David Lynch DJ Mix

Long before he started to make music himself, David Lynch was using music to augment the uncanny, creeped-out atmosphere of his films; remember, for instance, Julee Cruise floating through Twin Peaks like a cloud, or Bill Pullman wildly squawking on a saxophone in Lost Highway. Lynch and musical collaborator “Big” Dean Hurley bring that same sensibility to a new playlist that they’ve put together. It features ancestral tracks from people like Sonny Boy Williamson II, Conway Twitty, and Big Brother And The Holding Company, as well as more recent fare from the Kills and James Blake. Stream it below.

(via the Stool Pigeon, via Pitchfork)

Lynch’s album Crazy Clown Time is out next week via PIAS in the States, and Sunday’s Best abroad. Stream it at NPR. Check out the Karen O collab “Pinky’s Dream.”

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