The ‘Gum Drop Volume XXXI: Hear New Cassettes Won’t Listen, Win A Korg Mini-KP

Cassettes Won’t Listen is New Yorker Jason Drake, a one-man electro pop outfit and, interestingly, the Director Of Marketing at Def Jux. Last week we showed you the day-job ditching, robot-loving video from his recently self-released Small-Time Machine. “Catch Up” isn’t on that album, but you can hear the song, and read Jason’s blow-by-blow thoughts on it, as part of this week’s ‘Gum Drop. As he notes, “It’s amazing what you can learn about people by watching how they interact while getting completely shit faced.” To hear the song and learn more, click here.

You can also win a Korg Mini-KP Kaoss Pad touch-pad effects processor! No idea what that means? Let us explain…

Get ready DJs and sundry sound manipulators: If you know what a Korg Mini-KP Kaoss Pad is, you should be very excited. If not, check out the details here. Or, at least figure out what it looks like:

A few key features:

  • Intuitive touch-pad interface gives you fingertip effect control in real-time.
  • The smallest body in the KAOSS PAD series.
  • Battery operation makes it an ideal choice for any location.
  • One hundred effects including filter, delay, and looper meet the needs of any musical style.
  • Numerous BPM effects are provided. You can use the “TAP/BPM button” to synchronize the mini-KP to your song’s tempo, and apply a wide range of effects to your music.
  • “FX RELEASE” function provides a natural decay when changing effects or removing your finger from the pad.
  • Hold function lets you memorize the position at which you touched the touch-pad when you release your finger.
  • Use the two memory keys A and B to store your favorite effect program settings, including the effect depth and the Hold on/off status.

Now you have zero excuse for not manipulating sound. One Mini-KP goes to one winner. Sign up for Korg’s e-newsletter here. Enter to win the contest here. Also, there’s still time to win that iPod Nano, but you have to enter first.