Yesterday Was Radiohead Day At BBC

Radiohead’s being so free with themselves — between the nonstop internet hijinx and, well, literally being free with themselves — that we’re catching ourselves taking their rampant accessibility for granted. Of course, six months into the hiatus following their upcoming trek through the States and we’ll feverishly pounce upon the scantest of Thom’s deadairspace updates, but for now please excuse us if we didn’t tune in to Radiohead day at the BBC yesterday. We’re saving up for the real deal.

But yes, the sessions at the BBC Radio Theatre did look very cool, and very BBC-y (i.e. classy): The band performed a matinee and an evening set, with photo galleries for each. The site is also offering up an MP3 of “Videotape” just for today, but you had to know the atease forum folks would do one better. So if you’re in the market for, say, every song that made the air yesterday, Deaf Indie Elephants has scoured the forums to retrieve the MP3s from the sets. Head here for five songs from the day set, and here for the evening stuff. If those setlists are any indication as to what they’ll be touring, summer cannot get here quickly enough.