High Places – “Sonora” Video

L.A. synth-exoticist duo High Places have already dropped a couple of deeply weird and beguiling video for “Altos Lugares” and “Sophia,” two tracks from their new album Original Colors. But their new clip for “Sonora” is by far the strangest and the most watchable out of all of them. In director Keith Musil’s clip, bloodied High Places singer Mary Pearson, with an inexplicable disgusting growth on her arm, goes on a gory kill-crazy rampage to rescue Liars frontman Angus Andrew from a group of thugs. It makes no sense at all, but goddam if it isn’t fun to watch. Below, we’ve got the video, as well as a download of the Original Colors track “Year Off.”

High Places – “Year Off”

Original Colors is out now on Thrill Jockey.