The History Of Apple Pie – “Mallory” & Tom Furse Optimello Orchestra Mix

Since I’m only really pointing to one other band here, and thus can’t really call it a full-blown trend, UK youngsters The History Of Apple pie are like isle peers Yuck in the sense that their sound is a resurrection of late ’80s/early ’90s American indie rock perfected by groups like Dinosaur Jr. (I don’t want to hang Sonic Youth on them quite yet, presses play on “Holocene”). Also, they like singing to girls — shout outs “Georgia“. The History Of Apple Pie’s latest is “Mallory,” which you can stream below. Also, grab a download of the Tom Furse Optimello Orchestra mix of the cut after the jump.

The History Of Apple Pie – “Mallory (Tom Furse Optimello Orchestra Mix)”

The “Mallory” single is out 11/14 on Rough Trade.