Jake Shears Talks New Scissor Sisters Album

A new LP from Scissor Sisters seemed imminent when the band started playing secret gigs comprised of 75% new material. That was October and it’s been pretty quiet since, save for random studio blips on site. This will change in March with the release of SS’s third LP and its first single, “a really epic song that makes you feel really good.” This info comes via an interview Jake Shears did with Pop Justice (via Fluxtumblr). It gets more promising:

And has Stuart changed the sound of the album, or has he helped you achieve the sound you already knew you wanted?
I think Stuart’s helped us realise what the sound of the album was. And the defining moment for that was… Well, I had a moment. I was at a sex party in Mannheim, I was on the dancefloor. It was six o’clock in the morning. I was wearing a little rubber wrestling singlet. I was having a great time. There was a cloud in the room, this cloud of man sweat, cigarettes, spilled booze, shit because people were getting fisted, and poppers. And piss! It was disgusting… The most vile place I’ve ever been. And I was dancing, and the DJs put on ‘Walk The Night’ by the Skatt Brothers. It’s one of my favourites. It was one of those revelatory moments for me when I realised what I wanted the album to sound like and how I wanted it to make me feel. Am I rambling? But that was the defining moment. My vision! My vision happened very clearly in that moment. And with Babydaddy and Stuart we challenged each other every step of this album. Stuart has a very very distinct signature sound and so do we, I think, and we’ve both had to press ourselves and challenge ourselves not to fall back on those things we’re used to doing.

Sounds funky. You can read the rest here. And here’s your Skatt Brothers: