New A Sunny Day In Glasgow – “Failure” (Stereogum Premiere)

Last year Ben Daniels and his Philly dream pop brethren in A Sunny Day In Glasgow decamped to a dance studio in rural New Jersey to record Ashes Grammar, the follow up to Scribble Mural Comic Journal. Before he could lay down his parts, a leg injury sidelined bassist Brice Hickey along with his girlfriend, vocalist Robin Daniels, who helped him recover. Meanwhile ASDIG’s other key vocalist, Ben and Robin’s sister Lauren, was attending grad school in Colorado. No problem: this was just an opportunity to expand the recording crew with singers Annie Fredrickson and Beverly Science. The results can be heard on their gorgeous, dense then bright LP standout “Failure.”

A Sunny Day In Glasgow – “Failure” (MP3)
A Sunny Day In Glasgow – “Ashes Grammar Ashes Maths” (MP3)

Ashes Grammar is out via Mis Ojos Discos 9/1 on iTunes, 9/15 everywhere else including some limited edition cream and navy double vinyl.