New Robert Forster – “Pandanus”

New Robert Forster – “Pandanus”

After the death of Go-Betweens writing partner Grant McLennan in May ’06, Robert Forster picked himself up, dusted himself off, and released his first solo album in 11 years. Three of the album’s 10 tracks were co-written with McLennan, and the Go-Betweens rhythm section backs Forster on it, but while there’s a Go-Betweensian air, The Evangelist is definitely a new chapter. The first song out of the gate is “Pandanus.” A pandanus is a shrub/small tree native to Forster’s native Australia. We’re guessing it stands for other things, too.

Robert Forster – “Pandanus” (MP3)

Like, the shades of nightfall (faded blues and greys, silver on the water) pushing things away: “The candle of the day has burnt down to wick. / The candle of the night has not yet been lit.” You can stream the rest of the album here. Pay close attention to “Demon Days,” which is one of the ones Forster co-wrote with McLenna. Goddamn. (It shifts into “Pandanus,” too, so should provide a bit more context for that track.) Not sure about you, but we’re longtime fans. Anyone remember this?

The Evangelist is out 4/29 on Yep Roc.

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