Joanna Newsom Plays A Small Show For A Drunk Crowd In Chelsea

Thanks to Paper mag, yesterday we learned Joanna Newsom is beautiful. And tells a mean dick joke. To celebrate at least one, if not both, of those amazing attributes, the magazine invited J. News to Hiro Ballroom to play an insider-y show for a room full of media types on an open vodka bar. Doesn’t sound like a good mix of styles, right? Well it wasn’t. We didn’t make it (plans were made weeks ago to see Jon Glaser do “Obamasistible!” live @ UCB, and those plans were kept), but Stereogum photo-friend Kyle Dean Reinford did. In his words:

It’s not every night I find myself standing in the front row of a Joanna Newsom semi-secret show. It’s even less often that I realize Natasha Khan (Bat for Lashes) and Björk are standing on either side of me, but such was the case at Hiro Ballroom on Wednesday night. The event was held by PAPER Magazine to celebrate the release of issue number 64, featuring Miss Newsom in her dazzling beauty on the cover, and while I was excited to see her in such an intimate environment, that, unfortunately, was not the case for the majority of the crowd. Socialites and party-goers populated much of the club-esque space, and they didn’t shut up all night. Even when Joanna started playing the first of her two songs, “Inflammatory Wit,” the crowd kept talking. Loudly. Even after someone over the loudspeaker asked people to be quiet, the crowd kept talking. It was quite frustrating for those of us that were actually there for the music.

But Joanna kept her charm throughout her two songs, uncharacteristically played on solo piano. After the event, I had the chance to talk to her outside for about 5 minutes. We agreed that it wasn’t quite her crowd, but she said she wasn’t too downtrodden about the lack of attention given – “I just thought maybe I should stop playing after the second song,” was her reaction. It was clear that this wasn’t her event of choice, but she was one of the sweetest people I’ve ever talked to. My crush grows stronger. Watch out Samberg.

Sorry Andy. It was all fun until you learned today that there is another person in NYC who finds Joanna attractive and talented. More of Kyle’s photos await you (including one of Ms. For Lashes), including a Joanna face one that will take up your whole screen.

Told ya.