Foo Fighters Get A Greatest Hits … Who Else Is Due?

While they were more of a necessity in the pre-MP3 era, Greatest Hits collections will be around as long as music needs marketing. The best selling album of 2009 so far is a hits comp (you know who), the Beatles’ 1 is the best selling album of the decade. Those are some fun facts. My point is that everybody likes Greatest Hits albums, especially your aunt at Christmas. Lots Of Love. Today it was announced Foo Fighters will get their long rumored Best Of on 11/2. It’s called Greatest Hits and includes two new songs (the Obama-approved “Wheels” and “Word Forward”) in addition to the tracks in constant rotation on SiriusXM Lithium. Good for Foo Fighters, it’s not unwelcome. But it got me wondering what other acts are due for an essentials package? Beck? Coldplay? Weezer? Death Cab For Cutie? Comment party!

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