Die Antwoord – “Fok Julle Naaiers” Video

South African rave-rap terrorists Die Antwoord, who became global viral sensations last year and who somehow turned that into an Interscope contract, have parted ways with their major label, claiming that Interscope was doing its best to turn them into something more pop-friendly. Instead, they’re planning to self-release the new album TEN$ION on their own label Zef Recordz. And with that announcement, they’ve given us a new video called “Fok Julle Naaiers,” a title that translates to “Fuck You All.” The black-and-white clip doesn’t have the same eyeball-exploding weirdness that the group’s earlier videos brought, but not a lot would. Instead, the black-and-white video mostly features bare-chested dudes, many of them with bad tattoos and firearms, staring down the camera. There’s also a whole lot of scorpion/tarantula/butterfly/worm action.

With the new video, they’ve also uploaded a new clip in which rat-mustached frontman Ninja explains that they aren’t homophobic and that the elaborately latex-masked DJ Hi-Tek (at least, I hope that’s a mask) is gay. Figure it all out for yourself and watch both videos below.

(via BoingBoing)

If you didn’t know, pretty much all of Hi-Tek’s ridiculous and incendiary lyrics are direct quotes from this amazing, perplexing Mike Tyson press conference.

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