EMI Pushes Radiohead’s Greatest Hits While Radiohead Is Busy Social Networking

Few bands have oeuvres as consistent and engaging as the men of Radiohead. Few record labels have seen as tumultuous times as EMI. You already knew where this was all headed, now the date for The Best Of is here: June 2nd in the UK, and June 30th in the States (just in time for the roadtrip with the Grizz). It’s got an EPK! Its got album art! All it needs now is Radiohead’s blessing. Which, it’s not getting — and which won’t be stopping Terra Firma from executing upon the cash grab.

Meanwhile, there’s w.a.s.t.e.-central.com, a newly launched Radiohead social networking site. The twist: this Radiohead project is sanctioned by Radiohead! We love it when that happens. Now if only it didn’t seem to be a w.a.s….. you get it. There’s not a whole lot happening over there is what we’re saying. A place for Radiohead fans to talk about the band on the web, sure maybe, which makes it identical to atease, Stereogum, and pretty much any other place that reports on Thom’s deadairspace ramblings with a Comments function. If you find that it’s worth a second look, you can let us know. For now, here’s that EPK and album art, because it is Radiohead, and we can’t help ourselves, and we have a Comments function.

The cover:

The Best Of is out 6/2 in the UK on Parlophone/EMI, and 6/30 in the US via Capitol/EMI, in single disc, double disc, and 4-LP varieties. You want to hate it. But the tracklist makes that tough:

01 “Just”
02 “Paranoid Android”
03 “Karma Police”
04 “Creep”
05 “No Surprises”
06 “High And Dry:”
07 “My Iron Lung”
08 “There There (The Boney King of Nowhere.)”
09 “Lucky”
10 “Fake Plastic Trees”
11 “Idioteque”
12 “2+2=5 (The Lukewarm.)”
13 “The Bends”
14 “Pyramid Song”
15 “Street Spirit (Fade Out)”
16 “Everything in Its Right Place”
17 “Optimistic”*

01 “Airbag”
02 “I Might Be Wrong”
03 “Go To Sleep (Little Man Being Erased.)”
04 “Let Down”
05 “Planet Telex”
06 “Exit Music (For A Film)”
07 “The National Anthem”
08 “Knives Out”
09 “Talk Show Host”
10 “You”
11 “Anyone Can Play Guitar”
12 “How To Disappear Completely”
13 “True Love Waits”
* US release only

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