Nicolas Jaar – “Why Didn’t You Save Me”

20-year-old Brown U student/minimal-techno whippersnapper Nicolas Jaar has a new EP out on his Clown & Sunset label. There are at least three ways that lede could depress oldheads. And Don’t Break My Love’s two tracks sputter and click into riveting trances with the studied, measured-yet-experimental grace you’d expect from a guy inspiring that lede, too. We’ve heard the title track, here’s the EP’s other half, “Why Didn’t You Save Me.” It has discrete passages and discreet piano and a voice processed to within an inch of its life, which gives it a ghostly animation all its own. Haunted house:

Nicolas Jaar – “Why Didn’t You Save Me”

And if you missed it last time:

Nicolas Jaar – “Don’t Break My Love”

The Don’t Break My Love EP is out via Clown & Sunset.

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