Julian Casablancas Plays First Solo Show In Tokyo

You know how Julian released that Phrazes For The Young trailer teaser thing and everybody thought “whoa Strokes guy is going epic Ratatatty synth pop” with his solo thing? Maybe everybody should stop thinking that. Or at least put those expectations on pause. In his own words, Casablancas said he intended “to capture the catchiness of modern music” but also “[get] at the power and seriousness of classical music or older music,” and that sounds about right in listening to these tunes Julian performed with a full band this past weekend in Tokyo. First up, Casablancas croons over a shifting, halftime and lilting keyboard pop backdrop. Yes, it has a classical fugue-style bridge. (And yes, that is the Phrazes For The Young album art.)

UPDATE: The three YouTubes we posted have been taken down. Here’s what we’ve got instead. For now…

Promising. Phrazes For The Young is expected this fall, with production by Jason Lader and folk monster Mike Mogis.