Boredoms Announce 111 Boadrum For 11/11/11

Like they did on 7/7/07 with 77 Boadrum, 8/8/08 with 88 Boadrum, ’09 with Boadrum 9, and last year with, you got it, Boadrum 10, the numerological experimentalist heroes of Boredums will assemble another world-class drum circle this year, on the corresponding date, with an appropriate number of percussionists. This site has details (via P4K) These things are an incredible amount of fun — I caught the original in 2007 and saw it again two years later at ATP (where we had most of them recreate it on arcade games) — and if I were a man of leisure and means, I’d probably book a ticket to Australia because the photos for its location, Island Ferry, look properly drum-circleable, and also because trips to Australia are generally a great idea. This year it’s 11 drummers (including Boadrum vets Hishaam Bharoocha and Zach Hill) and 100 cymbal players. If you want in on the cymbal action, the application to join is here. And if you want to see some Boadrum vets do something pretty Boadrum-esque, check out this clip of Bharoocha with Man Man’s Pow Pow and Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier at this summer’s performance of IIII at Union Pool.

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