Lloyd Banks Samples Radiohead

The Cold Corner 2, the new mixtape from resurgent G-Unit second banana Lloyd Banks, is not going to be our Mixtape Of The Week tomorrow. It’s too long, and it peters out early and gets a bit boring. It is, however, entirely deserving of a listen or two. The first seven tracks or so are absolutely vicious, especially opening track “1, 2, 3 Grind,” with its AraabMuzik beat and its snarling Prodigy guest verse. And deep in the tape, we also find “Cold Corner 2 (Eyes Wide),” in which producer Nick Speed samples Radiohead’s “Climbing Up The Walls” and finds the classic New York rap banger hidden in its blankets of distortion. Banks, to his credit, makes no Radiohead puns and sinks deep into the pocket, giving the sort of tough head-down performance that helped him build his name. Download the track below.

Lloyd Banks – “Cold Corner 2 (Eyes Wide)”

The Cold Corner 2 is up for free download here.