New Thom Yorke Records Coming In September

Citing sources at the Sonic Unyon pressing plant, is reporting that a “Apart By Horses”/”The Hollow Earth” 12″ comes out 9/22 on TBD Records. It is said to be limited to 8,300 copies worldwide and have “really awesome packaging and artwork.” OK. The timing does coincide with the release of Twilight 2: The Legend Of Curly’s Gold, so draw your own conclusions. In more official news, the Radiohead frontman’s “All For The Best,” that Mark Mulcahy cover we premiered last month, sees a 7″ release 9/7 via Mezzotint. It’s backed with Mulcahy’s original and limited to just 2,000 copies. Finally, you’ll wanna keep an eye out for The Age Of Stupid, a global warming docudrama playing in 444 (should we be paying attention to these numbers?) theaters nationwide on 9/21 followed by a live broadcast of a NY panel discussion with Kofi Annan and Gillian Anderson. There Thom Yorke will perform an acoustic version of the Stupid title track (via PASTE). Back to the 12″ rumor — those of you who think “Apart By Horses” sounds familiar are correct. Here’s a performance of it from 2005:

Time to break open the piggy bank.