New Raveonettes – “Last Dance”

Sonically, the Raveonettes forthcoming fourth album In And Out Of Control reminds me of Jesus & Mary Chain, Phil Spector, and Magnetic Fields’ Distortion in equal measure. (As far as the darkly cheeky lyrics go, it’s pure Merritt.) You can draw your own comparisons from the cathartic sock-hopping “Suicide” as well as the provocatively titled “Boys Who Rape (Should All Be Destroyed)” in demo form. You maybe have also heard the nostalgic “Last Dance” — which transforms a sugary prom theme into an equally poppy tale of addiction and overdosing — when it was still in progress. Now we can offer up the final take. No pun there.

The Raveonettes – “Last Dance” (MP3)
(Via EW)

In And Out Of Control is out 10/6 via Vice.