New Memory Tapes – “Plain Material”

Fresh off Call And Response and the Calls And Responses EPs, New Jersey resident Dayve Hawk, aka Memory Tapes/Cassette and Weird Tapes main man, has released his debut full-length Seek Magic. The first track we’ve heard from it, “Plain Material,” finds a bed of billowing drum machines, warm tones, and Hawk’s colder vocal melodies, adding up to a dose of energized bedroom pop. You wouldn’t be faulted for referencing the Flaming Lips. Take a listen. He’s also put together an accompanying Magic Sequence mixtape, which gives him a chance to weave together 30-minutes of various remixes and original Cassette sounds. Taking drugs to make music to take drugs to, etc. Or at least something to keep you up late tonight.

Memory Tapes – “Plain Material” (MP3)

Seek Magic is out now. You’ll find it on CD at Rough Trade via Something In Construction. If you want to wait, you’ll be able to get the collection on light blue vinyl at the end of September via Acephale/Sincerely Yours. If you want to hear more first, here’s the Magic Sequence mixtape:

Memory Tapes – “Magic Sequence” (MP3)

You know “Plain Material.” And you might already have the Fools Gold remix. This is the rest of what you heard on Magic Sequence:

01 clip from SEEK MAGIC bonus disc
02 Memory Tapes – “Green Knight”
03 East Hundred – “Hammerhead (Weird Tapes Version)”
04 Memory Tapes – “Bicycle (garage boombox take)”
05 clip from SEEK MAGIC bonus disc
06 Memory Tapes – “Plain Material”
08 Fools Gold – “Nadine (Memory Tapes Version)”
09 clip from SEEK MAGIC bonus disc